Points to Consider and Submission Rules for Abstract Application
Statement abstracts should be submitted on-line via the statement submission system on www.ipps2017.org website. Abstracts sent via e-mail or mail will be rejected. Spelling mistakes must be cared about as on-line submitted declarations will be printed as they are.All declarations will be accepted as poster declarations and the selected three poster presentations will be included in the scientific program.

Spelling Rules

  1. The official language of the abstracts is English.
  2. Abstracts will be gathered via online statement abstract system.
  3. No academic titles will be used in writers' names.
  4. The abstract should be written by using titles such as; abstract, purpose, method, findings, result and keywords.
  5. The whole abstract (except title, author’s name and last name) must be less than 3000 characters.
  6. Only the first letters of names must be capitalized. The rest must be written with lower case characters.
  7. Writers must specify the institutions’ name and address they are working for.
  8. If abbreviations are used in abstracts, then they must be explained between parentheses.
  9. Only the first letter of the abstract’s title must be capitalized (except abbreviations).
  10. The purpose and the methods used must be briefly specified, findings must be summarized with enough statistical details and the result must be explained wiithin the frame of findings

Points to Consider

  1. If you are going to use the on-line statement module for the first time please sign up for the system by using the "New User" link.
  2. Please keep the confirmation messages after you submit your abstract.
  3. You can follow the whole evaluation process regarding your statement on system with your e-mail and password.

* The inclusion of your abstract in the abstract is possible only if you send your poster abstract via www.ipps2017.org until April 07th, 2017 after your valid registration.




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